SEO and PPC for Weight Loss Centers

weight loss surgery before and after picOpening a new weight loss center is a great addition to any community, especially those who have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise but need a different solution.  This case study details how we used SEO and PPC to bring new patients to a surgical weight loss center that recently opened.
The new weight loss center provides care for their clients with a team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. When the new bariatric surgery center was opened, it was important for new clients to find them quickly. The new facility was open and staff was ready to help people find a happier and healthier life, so they partnered with SEO Guru Atlanta to provide a ubiquitous web presence to people needing their help could find them quickly and easily.

SEO Guru Atlanta partnered with the weight loss center to handle the SEO/PPC for their new location. The results we delivered were impressive, delivering 242 phone calls or form submittals in just the first seven weeks from opening.
mwlc goal completions

PPC Strategy: 4 Key Elements

As a highly specialized surgery center with one location serving multiple markets, the weight loss center has unique requirements when advertising. So we worked together to carefully craft ads that match their services and their target market.

Our paid ad strategy, which is still running, includes 4 key elements:

• Ad Extensions
• Geo-targeting
• Hyper-Relevant Keywords
• Ad Structure

weight loss surgery google ad

Ad Extensions
The ad extensions we implemented in the ads highlight key calls-to-action. We craft highly effective ads which provide the searcher a reason to visit the site and take action, such as registering for a seminar or being introduced to the surgeon himself. Other extensions are used as we rotate the ads, evaluate the results and optimize the campaign to maximize conversions.
Geo-targetingmwlc geo
Our approach to geo-targeting and geo-fencing is created specifically for each client. They want to target a number of cities so we created our campaign with city-specific ad copy to enhance click-through-rate. Since there were specific areas that needed to be included while others had to be excluded, we created very specific targeting for each campaign to capture all the population in a target geo. We further modify the ads with the city name, dynamic keyword insertion and relevant ad extensions. By creating ad groups for each target geo, we can easily see the results and interest by geo, which helps plan for future satellite offices. Daily budgets were assigned to each geo instead of using a shared budget. This way, a larger city would not use up a smaller city’s budget during the day, which allows the ads in smaller cities to continue showing. Plus we adjust the budget and ads based on conversion performance to get the best results for each target market.
Hyper-Relevant Keywords
There are several different types of weight loss surgery. Some prospects may have read or heard about certain types, or perhaps they have an acquaintance who told them about the type of procedure they had. We crafted ads focused on the various types of surgeries. Additionally, since weight loss surgery is a life-changing decision, they may know more about surgery in general and the doctor, staff, and procedures. Making it easy to sign up for a seminar, calculate their BMI and seeing before/after photos proved to highly effective with a CPA below $30.

Ad Structure
We maximize use of ad extensions to utilize all available ad space possible. This enhances the appearance of our ads and pushes competitors farther way on the search results page. The extensions we use for Memorial Weight Loss Center ads include:

• Location extensionsweight loss surgery ad example
• Callout extensions
• Call extensions
• Sitelink extensions
• Dynamic structure snippets

The extensions provide searchers with helpful, relevant information which enhances the user experience and increases conversions. With nearly 60% of paid traffic using smartphones, the call extensions make contacting Memorial especially easy. And when they’re ready to drive to the facility, they get directions with the push of a button.
SEO: Dominating the Organic Search Results

The goal of our client’s SEO and PPC campaigns is to make it easy for patients to find a solution to their weight loss problem. PPC ads are a great jump-start start traffic to a website, but SEO is key to long-term success online. A critically important aspect of local search is local business listings. Nearly everyone searches online for every type of product or service, especially local services. We not only ensure all the local listings are correct and consistent but created an enhanced Google My Business listing which consistently drives traffic to their website and their front door.
keyword ranking

When we started, the site was new with a new URL so the site did not rank in Google for any keywords at all. Of the 20 keywords we have in our target list, 16 are on page 1 of Google and 15 show up in the local maps listing. The has at least 2 listings on every page, and you can see three in this screenshot.
local reputation intelligence

We’re excited to see the results in the coming months.  In just 7 weeks, we delivered 242 phone calls or form submittals and are looking forward to the success of the new weight loss center!

What We Deliver

Our relationship with the new weight loss center has grown into a real partnership and we now manage all their digital marketing requirements including:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Reputation Management
• PPC Campaign Managment
• Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion
• Content Marketing
• Analytics
• Content Marketing

seo & ppcWe continue to help our client fulfill their mission of making weight loss surgery accessible to people throughout their service area.  Our SEO and PPC campaigns are carefully monitored and optimized to ensure they continue to enjoy the kind results we’ve delivered.

What’s Next?

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SEO Case Study

A new client, who had used other SEO firms in the past with little to no results free seo auditrecently brought us on to increase their organic search results.  While this SEO case study is for an e-commerce site so that the results can be quantified in dollars, we deliver similar results to local businesses and service companies using similar strategies.

As you will see with our methodology below, we were able to increase their organic search traffic 556%. That does not mean much without sales to follow, however. In addition to the organic search traffic lift, our client also saw an increase of 63% of revenue from organic search traffic. Here’s how we did it.

We began working with a new client who sells several niche high-end products on their e-commerce site, but we apply the same methodology to all clients we work with.  Local clients have different requirements, but this case study shows what kind of results can be achieved with some fundamental on-page SEO and quality link building.

The instantly had visibility with our proprietary SEO platform which pulls all the data into one one place, but also generates weekly and monthly reports.  And they can login anytime, 24/7, to see up-to-date data.

SEO & Project Management Dashboard

seo dashboard

face palmThe client knew they needed help with their organic search rankings because they were not ranking on page 1 for any relevant keywords.  Their site was converting visitors into customers with their PPC campaign, but they wanted to increase their sales from organic search results and not rely solely on PPC.  This client had worked with other SEO agencies in the past.  One got them in trouble with a Google algorithm update, and the next one, who they were with when they contacted us, used a clever linking scheme between participating websites.  However, they were concerned about the link network being detected by Google and getting penalized again, which was a valid concern.

The first item was to cut ties with the linking scheme.  Then we began building high Domain Authority links to their site because we knew a lot of links would be lost from the linking scheme and they needed to increase their Domain Authority.

In this graphic you can see the overall number of links dropped due to lost links from the link network, but the Domain Authority increased from 27 to 30 because of the new high Domain Authority links.

Immediate Improvement In Domain Authority
results of quality backlinks

Next step was keyword research.  After a broad list was developed, we engaged the client in a collaborative effort to select the best keywords for their website and their business.  We always want to focus on products that sell the best and bring in the most revenue, and understand which products may become obsolete or discontinued so we don’t focus on those.  Once the list was culled to a manageable size, we began mapping keywords to the correct pages.

After keyword mapping comes crafting Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for the pages.  Once they were reviewed and approved by the client, the tags and descriptions were implemented and that’s when we saw some significant movement in keyword ranking.  I received a frantic call from the client concerned that the ranking of a certain keyword had fallen dramatically.  What they hadn’t realized was that another page dramatically increased in rank for that same keyword.  Previously, pages were ranking for keywords that really weren’t a good match for the page, so the keyword mapping exercise helped us straighten that out.  Here is a screen shot showing the increases in a few of the keywords we are tracking for this client.

Dramatic Keyword Rankng Improvement
keyword ranking

Of course, there are many more on-page elements that were optimized in addition to the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, plus we did a lot of high quality link building, but the important thing to show you are the results.  Below is a chart from Google Analytics showing the increase in YOY Organic Search Traffic.

YOY Organic Search Traffic Up 6X
YOY improvement in organic search traffic

The chart shows an increase in Organic Search traffic of over 566%.  While an increase in traffic is great, the only thing my client really cared about was an increase in sales.  Below is a chart from Google Analytics.  Because this is an ecommerce site, we were able to measure revenue tied to various traffic sources.  You can see the revenue from organic search traffic was up over 63% and the number of transactions was up nearly 95%.  There is not a 1:1 correlation between the increase in traffic and sales because the price point is very high and the products are in a very narrow niche.  An average sale is nearly $2,000 so the conversion rate is not very high.  While we are implementing some ideas to generate more sales, the increase of over 63% is a great start.  And I should mention this is their slow season!

Revenue From Organic Search Traffic Up 65%
organice search traffic revenue increase

Conclusion:  Our client had worked with other SEO companies who used out-dated or “blackhat” methods which got them penalized or exposed them to future penalties with link networks.   This client trusted the recommendation of a reliable colleague to work with us.  We’ve delivered page 1 rankings for many of the most valuable keywords in this niche which not only resulted in increased sales, but revenue that impacts their bottom line

UPDATE May 2017

The performance was updated at the end of April 2017 with the following:

In the last 30 days YOY sales from Organic Search increased $38,229 or 145%

SEO for Ecommerce stores

Since we started in November 2016, YOY sales from Organic Search increased $102,821 or 118%

organic search results for ecommerce

In the last 30 days vs previous 30 days, sales from Organic Search are up $17,386 or 37%

Sales from Paid search are up $13,601 or 517%

organic vs paid traffic ecommerce

The paid search shown is for Google Shopping, which we’ve greatly enhanced over what their previous vendor was running.  We upgraded the images, descriptions and product information to increase user engagement and click-through-rates.

In addition to the Google Shopping and Google Search, we’ve added Gmail ads for high volume, low cost, highly qualified traffic to the site, and of course we have remarketing (or retargeting) campaigns in both Google and Facebook since this is an expensive item that is not an impulse purchase.  We want to re-engage prospects that are considering and purchase but have not made it to our check out “thank you” page.

Finally, we added a Facebook campaign using Carousel Ads to show multiple products in a very engaging and attractive presentation to bring highly qualified prospects to the website.

seo & ppcYou can see we implemented a multi-channel approach to maximize visitors and sales.  While we are the “SEO Guru”, our goal is to help businesses grow and thrive with highly effective and measurable campaigns for all types of businesses, not just e-commerce sites.

What’s Next?

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SEO Presentation at BNI

I recently have a presentation to my BNI chapter, the Alpharetta Accelerators. We meet each Tuesday from 11:30-1:00 at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Each member gets to make an eight minute presentation twice a year.
Here are some of my slides from the presentation which include some great case studies:
seo guru atlanta bni presentation



SEO Guru Agenda

what motivates me

SEO Guru motivation

SEO Quantifiable Results

SEO Guru Keywork Rank Tracking

measuring website traffic

Call tracking with SEO

Use Call Tracking to measure SEO results

Form submittal tracking for SEO

seo project management

SEO Guru Atlanta Reviews

Good SEO referrals


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How To Get More Reviews For Your Business

Did you know that 90% of users search for business reviews and positive reviews help them in their purchasing decision? Not only that, negative reviews almost ensure they will never buy from you. Buying positive reviews is illegal according to US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). And most online companies have negative reviews. So how do you filter negative reviews and push more positive reviews?

Introducing our Review Widget, which will generate more positive reviews on Google and Yelp for your business. This will help not only your Local SEO, but also attract new business. The best part is, you can filter negative reviews from the back end. So if someone leaves a positive review, you request them to post the review on Google or Yelp. If the review is negative, we don’t ask them to post the review to third party sites and handle the customer in a way that it does not become a bigger issue.

This review widget on the website will look like this

review widget to get more reviews

Quick Features of Our Review Widget Tool

– Get genuine reviews on Google & Yelp

– Positive reviews get featured on your website

– Filter negative reviews

– Absolutely FREE for our client

– Completely customizable

– Designed for mobile and tablets so users can access it from anywhere

– More reviews means improved local SEO rankings

– Improved brand reputation to help you build better relationships with your customers

Next Step:  Just contact us or call 678-520-9925 to start benefitting from our Review Widget.


seo-guru-atlanta services

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SEO for Cumming, GA Businesses

If you see a “top of page 1” ranking in Google for a business in Cumming, GA, chances are they’ve hired SEO Guru Atlanta. Whether you see the top ranked plumber, HVAC company or attorney, just to name a few, there is a good chance we’ve helped get them there. We’re the best SEO company in Cumming and love to help other local business grow through our online marketing strategies.

Traditional SEO has morphed into a comprehensive online marketing strategy. With all the Google algorithm updates in recent years, page one rankings can no longer be achieved with one or two old-school SEO tactics. While good keyword research and on-page optimization are still a critical part of getting to the top of page 1, they are only a part of the equation, which is why we provide a comprehensive online marketing strategy to ensure our client’s success.

We still have new clients who relied on out-dated tactics, such as keyword stuffing, but Google has even read the meta keyword tag for many years. And we have new clients who’ve seen their rankings plummet after a Google update due to unethical link-building by their old SEO company. Even if you have been penalized by Google, or have just seen a drop in your rankings, don’t panic! We can help, and if you’re like the rest of our clients, it’s not your fault.

Have you seen blog posts articles that says “SEO is dead”? Sorry, but that’s simply not true. Our phone and our client’s phones ring daily from the great results we provide. So maybe traditional old-school keyword stuffing and spam link building SEO is dead, but getting to the top of Google for the keywords your prospects are searching for online still gets the phone to ring.

Contact us today about our comprehensive online marketing strategies that include:

– Keyword research

– On-page SEO

– Content creation

– Content curation

– Content syndication

– Press release creation and distribution

– Coupon distribution

– Newsletters

– Email marketing

– Social Media campaigns

– Social sharing

– YouTube video marketing

– Call tracking

– Form submittal tracking

Simply fill out our Contact Us form or call 678-520-9925 and get started today.

What is Wrong with the SEO on Your Website – Scam Email?

Is Panda 4.0 Penalizing Your Site and Costing You Business?

how to spot seo scamsA slightly concerned client recently sent me an email asking if any of the dire claims in an email he received were true.  Most of my clients get these types of emails, I get them and if you have a website you have probably seen something like this in your inbox:

“We were curious to know if you were aware that there are a few issues bugging your website. Sorting out these will help you get the best returns out of your website.

  1. Your website seems to be attracting traffic, but this traffic is almost stagnant and limited, which affects potential sales as you move forward.
  2. Your website doesn’t feature in Google’s first search page for some of the major keywords in your niche, which affects visibility.
  3. Your website has been diagnosed with coding issues, which affects ranking.
  4. Your back links profile is not efficient enough to help your search engine visibility.
  5. Your website is currently not being properly promoted online according to Google’s new guidelines (after latest Google Panda & Penguin update), which is affecting your marketing strategy and goals.
  6. Your presence in social media platform is minimal. This is depriving you of a huge market of prospective referral clients.
  7. Your website may be penalized by Google due to unnatural back links.

We are expert in running promotional online marketing campaign for websites. We have a host of ethical services and techniques, which you can utilize to improve your website’s performance.

They claim to have “ethical techniques”, but marketing isn’t one of them.

We regularly check for coding “issues”, such as broken links, broken code and things like that and the site had none of those issues.  Plus the site ranks great for tons of target keywords and is climbing for others so the alleged “coding” issue is not real, but it was a big concern to my client.

The email claims:  “Your website is currently not being properly promoted online according to Google’s new guidelines (after latest Google Panda & Penguin update), which is affecting your marketing strategy and goals.”

google rankings

How could they tell our promotion is not inline with Google’s new guidelines?  We track about 25 keywords for this site.  The Google Panda 4.0 update rolled out around May 20.  As you can see, keyword ranking only improved.  So the site ranks #1 for two keywords, 5 keywords are in Google’s top 3 and the site ranks in the top 10 for another 13 keywords.

The email also says “Your website may be penalized by Google due to unnatural back links.”, but if that were true rankings would go down, not up.  An unnatural link profile would be problematic, so we checked Google Webmaster tools just to be sure and there were no warnings (we have never seen one in our account).

Clearly the site has not been penalized.  In fact none of our clients sites have been penalized because we only use “white hat”, cutting edge, Google-friendly SEO techniques.  The chart shown is typical for all of our clients.

Another item has to do with “Your presence in social media platform is minimal. This is depriving you of a huge market of prospective referral clients”.

social media rankings

Most local businesses are not social media giants, but the client’s Facebook, Twitter and G+ sites are updated with good content twice per week, far more than any of their competitors, so the site has some social mojo as you can see from the graphic.  You can check your own site at

Depending on the type of business, social media may or may not be a good source of traffic.  For most local businesses, while social signals are important, social media does not drive nearly as much traffic as search engines like Google Maps and referrals from business listings and web 2.0 sites, all of which we create for our clients.  As you can see from the following graph, social is a tiny fraction of the traffic whereas Organic Search and Referrals drive 65% of the traffic.

traffic and referrals

Just for fun, I’ve contacted companies who’ve sent similar emails and when I asked them for specifics, they admitted it was just a marketing email and offered to evaluate my website.  If you get an email like the one above, keep calm… it is just for marketing purposes.  For a real website SEO evaluation, contact us for free, or check with your SEO company.

Free SEO Audit Tool

SEO Guru Atlanta, LLC is now offering a Free SEO Audit tool so any website owner can check the SEO of their site. Whether you own a local business or work as a full time SEO for a national or global company, the SEO audit tool can provide some valuable insight into areas that may have been overlooked.

Why use the free SEO audit tool?

  • The tool generates a free audit report you can download to your computer!
  • If you are a business owner trying to do SEO on your own, the report can be your guide to improving your site.
  • Are you paying an SEO company? Check up on their work with this tool to see if you’re getting what you’re paying for.
  • Compare your site to your competition! In many cases, you don’t have to have a perfect 100% score… it just needs to be better than your competition.
  • Add competitors websites to the tool and compare your site to your competitors

With the downloaded report you can begin to make improvements on your site. The better your site is optimized, the better chance you have to be on page 1 of Google for the keywords you are targeting. Some items in the report may not be practical for you to change, such as keywords in the URL. Others may be difficult to change without the help of a web developer, such as too many H1 tags or an image alt tag for a gravitar. But if you start by targeting the items you can control, you will start to see results.

Pay attention to how many backlinks your competitors have because backlinks can be an important factor in search engine ranking. If your competitors have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of backlinks and you have a new site with no backlinks, it could be very difficult to out-rank them in Google, even with perfect on page SEO.

If you find your SEO is lacking and you need help to increase your score, and more importantly, your ranking for keywords your prospects are typing into the Google search bar, contact us. We’re here to help.

Top 6 SEO Services You Should Not Pay For

SEO can be both local and organic. They are also loaded with service offers from well-known companies. But, the success these businesses have had in other related fields does not necessarily give your company a successful SEO service. Here are the top 6 SEO Services from well-known companies that you should not waste your money and time on.


GoDaddy will submit your website to different search engines, create a site map and give you some keywords for only $2.99 a month. Since there are a lot of companies like you in the United States, this service is not going to do any good for your SEO rankings. Do not waste your money on this kind of services since they are not even close to being a real SEO service.
GoDaddy plan includes that following:
1. Complete SEO for one website
2. One-click submission to Google, Yahoo! And Bing
3. Easy submission to over 100 search engines and directories
4. Google Keyword Generator
5. Suggested Topics Tool
6. Top 10 SEO checklist
7. Keyword sage, Robots.txt file and Robots Meta tag analyser
8. Powerful reports that show you how to move your website up in search results

Yellow Pages

SEO from a phone book company will not really help you rank your website in Search Engines. It will help but only a little in terms of real SEO services. Yellow Pages has plans starting at $295 per month instead of $3 from GoDaddy. If you want to try any of the two, GoDaddy is a much cheaper choice to waste your money.


Yelp is a business directory website that will allow users to post their business by location and leave reviews to other business directories. This will then attract local searchers to your website and will be used as citation to your website in terms of SEO. The big issue with Yelp is that they filter reviews and only show the worst ones. They do this so that business owners will call them and negotiate a price for them to take out the bad reviews and let the good reviews show up. The Yelp forum also does not allow business owners to respond to lies and worst reviews of other users. Sounds like extortion because it is, don’t be fooled into paying for Yelp.

Dex Yellow Pages

This business directory company is the same with other of its kind that you are going to pay a lot and receive a little in return. Dex use call tracking numbers to track and show you how many calls you have received from their listings. As you may know, the key component of ranking locally is citations with consistent information on the business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) data. Your listings in their website will also disappear after you are done with their service. With these, Dex is one to steer clear of.


Yext service target toward local SEO which includes submitting your NAP data to 47 directory sites with only one submission. The price is about $500 per year for these 47 listings. If you will use other reputable local SEO, you could get 125 manually build citations for the same price as the first year of Yext. Moreover, number of business owners have reported losing listings, finding their listings locked and finding the wrong NAP data on listings once they no longer subscribe to Yext service. You should hire a company like BrightLocal or WhiteSpark instead of Yext.

Rank Pay

As the name of the company suggest, the basic idea of this service is that you submit your keyword and then you pay a certain amount of money each month depending on the rankings of each keywords. If you are not in the top 30, you do not pay at all. 

Their service sure is interesting for business owners. But, the idea of getting paid for the rankings will encourage a company to shortcut methods of SEO to help you rank faster and them getting paid sooner. Moreover, if you will read how they will rank your site, they mention on having connections with several publishers. This is the same way as saying that they will submit your links to public blog network, which search engines will mark as spam in time. You can get 500 public blog network links for $20 on some other services.

The lists given above are only a few of the bigger-investment-little-gain SEO companies and services you should watch out for. If you are looking for someone to help you with your SEO, ask around for credentials, examples and references. You should also ask the method they will be using to rank your site. If they will not explain it to you, you should look elsewhere as secrecy is usually for a reason.

9 Important Ranking Factors Evaluated In Our Free Website SEO Audit

A website audit can be a fast way to find problems with your site or reasons why your site is not ranking. If a problem can be identified with a Free SEO audit tool, you can save a significant amount of time and headache trying to figure out what’s going on with your site. Here are 9 important factors evaluated with the free website audit tool offered here.


One of the most important factors for your website, something Matt Cutts at Google has spoken about many times, is how fast your website loads. Sites that load faster provide a better user experience. If a site loads too slowly, it can affect your ranking in the search engines because of a higher than normal bounce rate. How fast is fast enough? A good target is less than one second. If you site takes more than three seconds to load, you have some work to do.


Even if you think you correctly set up the Settings in WordPress and correctly configured an SEO Plugin such as Yoast or All-In-One-SEO, it’s a good practice to check to see how it shows up to the search engines and how it looks on the results page. A website audit will show you how your Title tag looks to the search engines. While your URL may not contain your keyword, your Title should. Make sure each page has a unique Title because duplicates are frowned upon by Google… plus, Google ranks pages, not websites, so make each page is unique.

Title tags should be concise since anything over 55-60 characters may be truncated. And the search engines may display a different title than what you crafted in your website. Google sometimes rewrites Titles to match a brand, the user query, etc. to provide a better “user experience”. has a nice title emulator tool at


The description tag is also referred to as a “meta description”. Much of what was mentioned about the Title tag also applies to the Description tag, except it can be longer. The description should be 155 characters or less since anything longer will be truncated. The description should entice the user to click over to your website, so make it compelling. Include your keyword, but keyword stuffing won’t help SEO and may yield a lower click through rate.


Ensuring all images have alt tags is considered a “best practice” since it tells search engines what the image is about. Include your keyword in at least one alt tag and make sure all your images have tags.


The content of your website should be a minimum of 300 words. Copy, text and content are synonyms, although content also includes charts, infographics and images. It may not be practical to have 2000 words on every (or any) page on your website, but ensure you have enough copy on every page. It is important to check the reading grade level of your copy. If your copy is too difficult to read, you may want to consider making some changes depending on the purpose of the site and the subject matter.


There are lots of ways to check website code, and if you’re using an updated WordPress theme,the HTML is probably already W3C validated. Another important piece of code that is checked in a website audit is the markup. This is really important. Google has a schema markup testing tool, and a website auditor should also check to ensure it is installed and rendered properly. Google uses the schema markup to enhance the searchers user experience. You can create HTML with microdata with this handy tool at, then test it in Google webmaster tools. For WordPress sites, there are some plugins that will do this for you.


Do you have social sharing on your site? If so, do you know how many times a particular page has been Liked, Tweeted or given a Google+1? It is important to have social signals for all the pages you are trying to get ranked in the search engines, not just the home page, so get your content out there and make sure it gets liked and shared.


Since mobile searches are about 50% all searches, having a mobile optimized website (not just a responsive website) is critical to engaging users. Having a mobile sitemap can help search engines locate and render your site to users on mobile devices.


Yes, links still matter. Content may be king, but inbound links to a page are still a ranking factor. Discover the total number of links to a page and links from unique domains. Lots of links from the same domain may not be very beneficial. Finding out how many inbound links there are to a given page can provide great insight into how popular a page is and why it may not be ranking. Finding out how many outbound links there are from a page is also helpful as you may want to make some of them no-follow links.


Do you need help getting your website to the top of the search engines? We’re here to help. Contact us today using our contact form or Call (770) 999-0647.

If you haven’t tried our FREE SEO Audit tool, go ahead and give it a try. After all, it’s free!