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Top 10 Reasons for Having a Mobile Website

Great article by  Joshua Odmark   Read the whole article here:

Here is the summary:

  1. Google has a separate index for mobile content.
  2. Your regular website is not going to cut it on mobile devices.
  3. 1/5 of Americans access the mobile web each day (that’s 20% !).
  4. Mobile web will overtake the desktop within 5 years.
  5. $1.6 billion purchased from mobile devices in 2009.
  6. 93% of U.S. adults own a cell phone (most are now or will be smart phones).
  7. 5% of the top 500 online retailers have a mobile website/iPhone app.
  8. Mobile advertising spending will surpass $6.5 billion in 2012.
  9. Users average 13 hours online per week, up from 7 in 2002.
  10. There are an estimated 2 billion cell phones worldwide.

If you don’t have a mobile site, we can help you with a simple landing page that is touch-to-call, email and SMS text enabled.  Here is a sample of our mobile sites:  .  We also offer more customized sites that include social media, maps and more.  Contact us today to get started at 678-520-9925 or


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